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Symposium Programme

MONDAY, 18 JULY 2022

12:30 Registration

[pdf version of programme with abstracts and biographical notes]

13:00 Opening / Welcome

Tomáš Winter (Director, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Roman Dykast (Head of Musicology Department, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Jana Vozková (Head of the Musicological Library, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Nancy November (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Anja Bunzel (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Session I: Salon Culture in the Americas

Chair: Laura Pita (University of Missouri, Columbia, USA)

13:30 Cornelia Bartsch (Technical University Dortmund, Germany): Salon and Diplomacy between Europe and Latin America

14:00 Candace Bailey (North Carolina Central University, USA): La Violette and the Idea of the French Salon in Antebellum New Orleans

14:30 Carola Bebermeier (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria): A World within a Room? Salon Culture and Music Making in US-American Parlours

15:00–15:30 Break

Session II: The Mid-Nineteenth Century Salon in the Americas: Scores, Pianism, Sociability, and Cultural Networks

Chair: Candace Bailey (North Carolina Central University, USA)

15:30–17:30 Panel

Luisa del Rosario Aguilar-Ruz (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico): Print Music and German Commercial Networks in Mexico and Latin America in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Fernanda Vera Malhue (University of Chile, Santiago, Chile): Isidora Zegers’s Salon (1803–1869): Centre of a Cultural and Cosmopolitan Scene in Chile in the Mid-Nineteenth Century [online]

Yianela Pérez Cuza (University of the Arts Havana, Cuba): Colonial Salon, Region, and Identity: The Creation of Piano Dances in Santiago de Cuba during the Mid-Nineteenth Century [online]

Laura Pita (Coordinator) (University of Missouri, Columbia, USA): Teresa Carreño in the Musical-Literary Salons of Caracas, New York, and Habana during her Years as a Prodigy (1862–1866)

17:30–18:00 Break

18:00 Concert:

“Mid-Nineteenth-Century Salon Music in the Americas on the Transnational Crossroads”

20:00 Optional dinner [venue TBA]


Session III: Cultural Transfer in Dutch and Finnish Salons

Chair: Anja Bunzel (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic)

10:00 Floris Meens (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands): Sounds like Germany? Nineteenth-Century Private Music Culture(s) in the Dutch City of Utrecht [online]

10:30 Nuppu Koivisto-Kaasik (University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland): In Search of the Insjövågen Group: Musical Salon Culture and Women’s Emancipation in Mid-Nineteenth Century Helsinki

11:00–11:30 Break

Session IV: Cultural Transfer in the So-Called “East”

Chair: Eva Neumayr (Archive of the Archdiocese of Salzburg / International Mozarteum Foundation)

11:30 Anja Bunzel (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences): Slavic Reciprocity and Cultural Transfer in František Palacký’s (Musical) Circle

12:00 Marijana Kokanovic-Markovic (Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, Serbia): From the Salons of Novi Sad: Aleksandar Morfidis Nisis and Julija Velisavljević [online, pre-recorded]

12:30 Nicolae Gheorghiță (National University of Music Bucharest, Romania): Salon Piano Repertoire Dedicated to the Royal House of Romania: The Case of Major Iosif Ivanovici (1845–1902)

13:00–14:30 Lunch [venue TBA]

Session V: Cultural Transfer and the Elite

Chair: Nancy November (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)

14:30 Avra Xepapadakou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus): Cultural Soirées of the Nineteenth-Century Athenian Elite [online]

15:00 Wiebke Thormählen (Royal College of Music, London, UK): Identities and Boundaries: Musical Interactions in British Elite Homes ca. 1800 [online]

15:30 Henrike Rost (Independent Scholar, Berlin, Germany): “To hear Count Loredan Play the Piano”: Lady Layard’s Musical Evenings in Venice

16:00–16:30 Break

Session VI: Cultural Transfer and Performance

Chair: Sam Girling (The University of Auckland, New Zealand / Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, Germany)

16:30 Nancy November (The University of Auckland, New Zealand): Opera Arrangements and Cultural Exchange in the Early Nineteenth-Century Viennese Salon

17:00 Callum Blackmore (Columbia University, New York, USA): Parlour Music, the Victorian Salon, and the Sonic Politics of Land After the New Zealand Wars[online]

17:30–18:30 Break

18:30 Musico-Literary Performance: “Exploring František Palacký’s Musical Prague (and Beyond)”20:00 Optional dinner (venue TBA)

This event is co-organised by Nancy November (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and Anja Bunzel (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences) and is financed by the Humboldt Foundation and the Czech Academy of Sciences Funding programme Strategy AV21.